Director of Safety

The safety director is able to achieve their purpose by ensuring safety in workplaces, by coordinating, administering, and enforcing intensive training programs that are safety-related.

In the case of accidents within a workplace, the safety director responds by evaluating current modes of operation and practices within the organization and then recommends changes/adjustments where and when necessary.

The Safety Director also involves different direct reports. In doing so, you will have to plan work schedules and assign tasks to additional personnel daily.

Accept responsibility for the establishment of policies that will help maintain a healthy workplace.

  • Make sure that the entire workplace complies with industry, state, and other company-related safety guidelines or rules
  • Conduct routine safety audits when due
  • Carry out safety training programs for company employees regularly
  • Implement initiatives to reduce the level of work-related accidents and occupational hazards
  • Direct and supervise the general safety guidelines and procedures.
  • Investigate accidents to find out their causes
  • Inspect and monitor the daily operations of employees to make sure they comply with safety policies and laws
  • Inspect and check the organization’s equipment and machinery to make sure they are not in conditions that are not safe
  • Report back to the company’s Executives regarding safety adjustments that may be required within the organization.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the Role of a Safety Director

  • Possession of excellent communication skills on all fronts. This Talent is needed to be able to explain safety guidelines clearly to employees of the organization
  • Must be a good team player/member
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent leadership qualities are needed
  • Possess excellent organizational and motivational skills
  • Must be someone that is very observant and pays keen attention to details at all times
  • Ability to conduct data analysis via the use of computer applications
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Safety Management or any other related field of study
  • Relevant safety certification, e.g., NEBOSH IGC
  • A minimum of 2 years relevant work experience as a safety director.


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