Director of Safety & Health

HVAC&R Construction industry trade association (SMACNA) seeks Director of Safety and Health.

SMACNA’s Director of Safety and Health is a dynamic position that directly affects the wellbeing of member companies and their employees. The role’s primary function is to effectively communicate health-, safety- and risk management-related matters affecting the sheet metal and HVAC industry to members, government entities and other stakeholders. This position requires working with the association’s volunteer leadership and staff to create, develop and execute various programs, products and services. In addition, this role develops external relationships that include working with federal and state governments and construction industry stakeholders on safety and health-related regulations, consensus standards, insurance, educational programs, and other matters affecting the industry.  The role’s secondary function would be to assist in managing projects and meetings with SMACNA’s Market Sector Committees.  Those committees specifically address the Architectural, Residential, Commercial HVAC, and Industrial markets as well as Construction Technology.  Specific knowledge of these industries is not required but would be beneficial.


  1. Keeps abreast of matters affecting the industry, such as current and proposed government regulations, industry consensus standards, academic research and other safety and health- and risk management-related matters:
    • Develops potential industry positions
    • Conveys association positions via oral presentations, articles, educational materials, etc.
    • Identifies and develops deliverables for use by members to effect understanding and, where necessary, affecting compliance
    • Keeps current with the federal and state government entities that affect the Sheet Metal/HVAC industry, such as:
      • DOL/OSHA
      • NIOSH
      • DOT
      • EPA
    • Participates in the consensus standard and federal rule making processes where applicable including ANSI A10 and ANSI B11 Standards Committees
  2. Serves as a resource for members and staff:
    • Guides members with responses to related matters, including insurance, safety, health, and related regulatory enforcement actions
    • Evaluates and affects member and industry safety and health compliance efforts
    • Responds to various government authorities, owners, and general contractors
    • Develops and executes programs that assist members in reducing risks, raising safety and health awareness, and improving industry safe and health work practices
    • Works closely with SMACNA’s Government Relations, Labor Relations and Technical Department to effect coordinated responses to external matters affecting association members
    • Writes articles and serves as a media source for SMACNA’s newsletters and media-outlets
  3. Conducts research and compiles information for committee consideration and action
  4. Acts as staff liaison to related committees
  5. Develops programming content and conducts safety and health training
  6. Provides safety-centric technical review and support for educational content
  7. Creates, develops, and updates various classes, articles, educational support materials and social media copy in response to newly enacted or changing legislation and regulatory or consensus standards


  1. Demonstrated writing skills:

a. Has developed presentations and educational programs

b.  Significant experience writing articles and other copy to support media and periodical outlets

2. Ability to decipher, debate and communicate in layman’s terms regulatory and other related technical matters affecting member

3. Proven abilities to speak publicly and deliver training and educational programs and other presentations

4. Flexibility and demeanor to effectively work and collaborate with all types of people, teams, and levels of authority

5. Knowledge of and experience with health and safety issues in the construction industry (sheet metal / HVAC industry experience a plus)

6. Working knowledge of construction Union activities.

7. Organizational skills, including records management, multitasking, and prioritizing projects and information; high attention to detail

8. Computer proficiency, including Microsoft Office Suite

9. Experience setting realistic expectations and managing workload to achieve target results

10. Physical abilities to move and erect classroom props.

At least three to five years’ experience in the occupational safety and health safety regulatory environment is required. Additionally, the successful candidate will have acquired education and maintain certifications relevant to the position. Previous HVAC construction industry trade association experience desirable.

Send resume to Human Resources, PO Box 221230, Chantilly, VA 20153-1230 or email to:

SMACNA is an Equal Opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in hiring on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.