Industrial Hygienist

Full time position at a Federal facility in Rockville, MD and visits to DC facilities


BSc Degree (preferably in biology, chemistry, environmental science)


  • AHERA Supervisor
  • AHERA Inspector/Management Planner
  • Collection & Analysis of Asbestos Air Samples (NIOSH 582 Equivalent)
  • Lead Paint Inspector / Risk Assessor
  • OSHA 30-hr Construction safety


  • At least four years of experience in the field of industrial hygiene to include general hygiene, training program development, delivery of training, asbestos, indoor air quality, epidemiology, safety, hazard communication.
  • Knowledge of occupational health services and an understanding of the goals of a comprehensive occupational health program.
  • Assist the Industrial Hygiene Program Manager in performing environmental health/industrial hygiene investigations, studies, and evaluations
  • Perform environmental sampling, to include air and water; and sample analyses,
  • Conduct employee interviews, administering questionnaires;
  • Compare results to current standards or criteria;
    • Provide concise, cost effective, and health protective recommendations that address deficiencies or problems observed or noted in investigations, studies, and evaluations.
  • Perform quality assurance activities related to environmental health/industrial hygiene investigations, studies, and evaluations, which may include:
    • Calibrating industrial hygiene instrumentation;
    • Using appropriate sampling techniques, analytical standards, and blanks.
  • Provide consultation to federal employees (communicate findings of surveys,  provide training and education to Federal employees, including the preparation of training manuals and other training materials.