CIH Inspector

Nov 11, 2019

Certified Industrial Hygienist Inspector


Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)


Bolling AFB, District of Columbia


T47 International is currently hiring a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to provide Professional Industrial Hygiene Services and Inspections. The SME must be a Certified Industrial Hygienist Inspector.


The CPIH will be responsible for inspecting 2.3 million square feet of occupied space in the National Capitol Region and must be available for travel worldwide as needed.


$110k – $120k


Certified Industrial Hygienist Inspector


Top Secret SCI

Start Date


 DUTIES: The Selected Candidate shall provide the following:

  • Provide technical expertise and advice to the agency and contractor personnel on a broad range of industrial hygiene matters, including but not limited to occupational health issues relating to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) detection and protection.
  • Use provided indoor air quality (IAQ) testing equipment to monitor and test air quality in DIA facilities.
  • Test IAQ equipment annually as prescribed by manufacture recommendations.
  • Conduct Hazard Inspections – Conduct comprehensive Safety and Health Inspections in accordance with (IAW) the requirements outlined in 29 CRR 1910, 1926, 1960, DoDI 6055.1, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) LSC 101, and other publications as applicable.

Inspect each work site, building, module, room, office and work space, mechanical area within primary DIA NCR facilities to identify hazards, safety risks causing mission degradation, and non-compliance with standards and conduct ergonomic assessments.

Conduct complex research using technical testing and monitoring equipment along with publications to determine air quality. The CIH will coordinate with related occupational health specialists to develop technical bulletins, instructions, regulations and sections of field manuals for the agency personnel. The CIHs have the discretion to use checklists using research results, note pads, or other documentation means (electronic only when approved); so they so can document findings during inspections. Testing equipment will also be used to collect information. The CIHs will interview 10-20 percent of occupants who are present to verify required safety training has been received, personal protective equipment has been issued as appropriate, and evacuation procedures are well known.

Review and analyze complex data collected to predict the probable effects of exposures on the health and well-being of workers, and recommends controls and preventive measures. Prepares response management for a variety of exposures including chemical, physical, and biological stresses.

Research and Analysis – The PSis will formally report on findings that were debriefed at the end of the inspection process. The PS Is will research and analyze each finding to ensure validity of non-compliance, appropriate risk assessment, and good management practices. During this process, each finding will be noted with the appropriate reference to include its title. All risk assessment processes will be IA W DoDI 6055.1.

To complete the ongoing inspection process, the PSI’s will brief each 3 – letter office chief or their designee with other appropriate supervisors, Directorate Safety Representative (DSR), and Collateral Duty Safety Representative (CDSR) on the rep01iable findings (positive and negative). For tenant agencies, the PSis will out brief an on-site management official. Copies of PSis’ inspection notes will be provided during this exit briefing when requested.

Formal Documentation of Written Findings -After the completion of the formal inspection, the PSis will have five business days to input the data into the Safety Data Base data base to record findings. Information gathered on inspections will be entered into all data fields. If data has not been collected for a specific field. the PSis will acquire it or get approval from the DIA safety Office to proceed without it. The PSis will work with the Safety Office Administrative Technician to maintain updated baseline information in the module.

  • Provide Corrective Actions to Directorates and Special Offices -When all information is in the Safety Data Base, the PSis will have three business days to submit the completed organizational report from the rep01i section of Safety Data Base to provide to the DIA Safety Office. The PSis will draft a cover letter to include the process that the organization should follow to ensure hazard abatement and corrective actions take place. This will also assist in designating a date to conduct a follow-up inspections for compliance assurance. The PSis will assist the Safety Office to task the appropriate organization in the automated DIA tasking system to monitor their inspection process. The PSis will recommend to the Safety Office, a reasonable suspense based on the severity of hazard/risks noted IA W DoD Instructions.
  • Provide Corrective Actions to Tenant Agencies -After all information is entered into the Safety Data Base, the PSI’ s will have three business day to submit the completed organizational report from the reports section of Safety Data Base to the Safety Office. The PSis will draft a cover letter to include the processes the organization should follow to ensure hazard abatement/corrective actions are accomplished. The PSis will ensure that delivery of the report is received by the tenant on-site management official for action. A copy of the rep011 will be sent hard- or soft-copy to the tenant organization main safety office.
  • Assist with Implementing Corrective Actions -The PSis will respond to requests for assistance as they relate to the safety inspection process. Response is not required to be immediate but will be planned around formal inspection schedules and work assignments.
  • Follow-up Inspections – Follow-up inspections will be coordinated with organizations similar to the initial inspection process. The PSis will conduct follow-up inspections within 45-60 days after the initial inspection and after the organization requests closure of the tasker. The PSis will revisit each area for compliance assurance to verify that corrective action has occurred and debrief the organization when the follow-up is complete. Within five days of completion of the follow-up inspection, the PS Is will validate all corrective actions in Safety Data Base and draft an inspection/corrective action assessment memorandum for the DIA Safety Office to forward to the Directorate or Special Office.


Melvin Anderson Jr

T47 International/EVP

Phone: 410-736-0215