Safety Engineer

Jul 08, 2020

We have an immediate need for a Safety Engineer as a contract position – GP Contracting

Candidate must have five years’ experience overseeing construction safety and one year Air Operations Area (AOA) experience. This is a contract project for approximately three months for the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) overseeing such construction tasks as the following:

  • Demolition of an office hallway, night work
  • Temporary Flooring needs to accommodate flow of daily office traffic
  • Laborers performing grading below ground
  • Installation of new plumbing
  • Back filling
  • Concrete pour back
  • Retiling of Demo’d Hallway

Applicant will need to be interviewed by MWAA PSM and Risk Management. Upon approval the following items will need to be submitted:

  • A Site Specific Safety Plan
  • Quality Control Plan
  • A Crisis Management Plan
  • GC and subcontractor checklists
  • Pre-Task Work Plans

Safety Engineer is expected to update Safety Manuals and attend meetings as necessary with MWAA team. Safety Engineer will be needed onsite, during all working hours of the project. A daily safety log is required with a weekly safety report published to MWAA.

Please note that applicant will need to have flexible work hours, the work is primarily off hours, at night.

Please contact Marissa at (571) 248-8727 ext 6011

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